„As the girls put out the pieces, I was already looking for my colors. It immediately triggered my imagination without seeing a ready-made pattern. I could fully gratify my creativity. It relaxed me. You don’t see your creation before you are done. It was awesome!”

Creative recreation with caraWonga

Creative experience without any skills – for all ages.

Our Creative Studio has proved several times that they can provide creative experience for children and adults alike. Adults can turn off for a few ours, move their imagination after the monotonous day-to-day life, take a break for themselves, unleash their inner creativity. Kids develop their spatial and fine motor skills during the sessions while they become silent, „stay on their own” for a while.

carawonga workshop

According to our experiences, from the age of 7 children can create beautiful self-made works, but we have also seen impressive works from younger age groups. With the colored diamonds, we can easily create beautiful patterns and the creative work with our products requires no particular skills.

Our sessions provide both community experience and a chance to immerse in the creative process to the participants.

carawonga workshop

Environmental awareness

Our workshops – as the principles of our little team also demands – are held in the spirit of environmental awareness; our products are made from 80% recycled raw materials, we do not use any chemicals during our sessions and no significant waste is generated.

carawonga workshop

You can check our upcoming workshops on the Events subpage of our Facebook page!

The workshops are mainly based on our mosaic stickers, but we can also use our modular capets on demand.

Workshop themes:

  • Colors and chakras – experience the meaning and healing effects of colors and chakras, create your own unique mandala.
  • Baby waiting afternoon – Create a beautiful, self-made mandala on the wall for your future baby (mothers and fathers are both welcome).
  • Gift-making workshop – Create unique, self-made gifts with our help from our mosaic stickers.
  • Magical 3D – Use colors as the game of light and shadow to make your own stereoscopic images.
  • Playing with Forms – Create freely in the world of the colorful rombuses, discover your inner artist (Skills development session for primary school children, separate sessions for lower and upper classes. High school children are advised to participate on adult sessions.)
  • You can also participate in our sessions on different events.

Our workshops are 3-4 hours long, but you can also organize a whole afternoon program around it. Details and prices can be provided by e-mail or by phone.