We don't just make carpets. What we make, is an experience in the first place. Our carpets are made up of modules, which you have to build together. This is a great program to spend a few ours with our friends, family, or our selves. Second, it is a carpet. You can decorate your home with it, it can be sthe star of your room, a place for your feet to rest. Then, it is diversity. You can take your carpet apart, and create a new pattern from the modules. With the new carpet and some changes in the room, you can create a completely new look for your interior.


INTRODUCTION video with Water Lily 2in1 set



CONNECTING tutorial video

How to connect the modules – In this video we show you how to assemble your modules. Modules can connect in different ways, you can look for help in the userโ€™s guide.




Snowflake set – Build your caraWonga carpet!

Step by step – This is a short, stop motion video about how a caraWonga carpet is put together. In the company of a few cookies, a mug of latte and a good friend, the creation of your caraWonga carpet will be fast like this too!



Bee animation

Puzzle for grown-ups – A little fun with the modules. Discover the caraWonga experience!




TRY TO FLY animation

The plan for the flying carpet is ready. Young and lively, just like the travel it awaits.



VASARELY animation

Cubes on the cube. A little optical illusion for our floor.