The Products

Creative experience and slow life mood. Take advantage of the possibilities in the modules!

Ecological Awareness

Our modern, geometric modular carpets are made from 80% recycled material. During the manufacturing process, we do not use chemicals, water, or fossil energy. The modules are made with a manual tool.



To assemble the modules of the carpet, like the pieces of a puzzle made for grown-ups, is the task of the customer. The process of assembling and creation gives a few ours of relaxation during our seemingly endless daily grind. While the carpet is made, we can have some quiet time, or get excited by doing it together with a friend.



The customer can take their carpet apart, and with the help of creativity, they can create new shapes and patterns, extending it with new modules. They can also choose their favourite color, and create a totally unique carpet.



Easy cleaning

The carpets have to be cleaned with a vaccuum cleaner. If somehing is spilled on it, it should be scrubbed gently with a wet cloth and a little detergent.