The main principles of the "caraWonga girls" are eco-friendliness, sustainable lifestyle and the firm belief that creativity is inside the heart of every people even if they don’t know about it.

caraWonga – The gift of creative experience

We perceive that self-expression and relaxation play increasingly less role in the world around us. We are less and less acquainted with personal experience with our objects. That is why we have created an environmentally-conscious product line that can provide creative experiences for all ages, regardless of social background or manual skills. Our custom-designed modular carpets can be customized in design, color, size and shape, giving space for self-expression. Carpet modules can be varied, so you can change, expand or create two smaller ones on seasonal or moving occasions, In the modern society, there is an increasing need for universal objects that are for us and enrich our everyday lives. We concentrate on these values.

With our carpets and textiles mosaics, we do not only create home decorative products. In our workshops we work with families and groups in business, school and leisure areas. We work with talents, develop museum educational and art therapy tools, build teams. Our social responsibility revolves around the children. We visit children’s homes, elementary schools, we gift our products to children recovering in Children’s ward.

We are members of an international group, the Experience Workshop, which achieves success in the field of experience-centered Mathematics and Art education, earns scientific awards. Our partners include the Hungarian National Gallery, the Varasely Museum in Budapest, Herdla Museum in Norway and the Hungarian Retextil Foundation, which works with disadvantaged people and applying art therapy.

Creation is a personal and community experience through which we can focus on ourselves.
During this process, while assembling our own carpet or mosaic, we can slow down and exclude the outside world, hearing our inner voice better. Not only do we pay attention to the soul of the people but also the environment. Carpets are made of 80% recycled materials and no chemicals are used during the production. We use a manual tool to cut out the modules that the customer fits together. Our packaging materials are all degradable and reuseable. Our team of family and friends tries to fill the life of a small Hungarian town with colors and opportunities.

Meet our team


    Katalin Gal

    Textile and Graphic Designer

    Barbara Rapcsanyi

    Blogger, Copywriter

Our advantages

eco-friendly products

80% recycled materials and manual manufacturing

100% satisfaction guarantee

If you are not satisfied, we refund your money in 7 working days!

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