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How to make a unique dreamcatcher for Mother’s day?

It’s almost Mother’s day and I wanted to surprise my mum and grandma with something special. My grandma has told me that she wants something colorful I make, not to the wall but in the window, so that everyone can see it from the street! ☺ That’s how the idea of the dreamcatcher was born! […]

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Kitti is a textile designer and the vendor of fantastic honeys produced in her parents beekeeping. My childhood friend and soul mate. She loves colors and patterns, so I guessed she’ll like to make mosaics. I gifted her a large packet of stickers and she sent these wonderful pictures back: The result is a colorful, […]

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5 tips on how to reduce our ecological footprint

Nature needs time to regenerate, renew and clean itself. If humanity stays within the 1,7 hectare ecological footprint, these processes will provide us with the conditions necessary for life. If we outgrow this, we are taking away food from tomorrow’s pantry and our children, leaving them nothing but an Earth drowning in garbage and oil. One person’s ecological footprint in Qatar 12,6 hectare, in the USA 7,99 hectare, in Austria, 5.44 hectare. There are some who think by taking their needs to a smaller level, their standard of living will decline. However, this is not true. Here are 5 really helpful tips on how can we live more happy with a lesser ecological footprint.  (more…)

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