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caraWonga – The gift of creative experience

We have an article published about us on the AIP’ART magazine.

CaraWonga – The gift of creative experience

Instead of simply having a coffee, two old friends, Kati and Bhadra have decided to spend their time together in a much more productive way. Creativity, art, fantasy and a little playfullness are their recipe, and the belief: the experience of self-creation can be smuggled into the lives of ordinary people as well. We talked to the creators of caraWonga products about the beginning, the ideas and the mission.


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5 arguments for ahimsa, or nonviolence yoga picture

5 arguments for ahimsa, or nonviolence

Ahimsa does not only mean that someone is a vegetarian, it’s a much broader concept. It means that one behaves toward every living being with respect and attention, may it be a nagging neighbor, a scary spider in the corner or Mother Nature herself. Ahimsa makes the heart calm and full of love, so life becomes happier. And the best feeling is, when we can pass this world view to others, even in a box labeled caraWonga, as our modular carpets have been created with concepts of ahimsa in mind. So let’s look at five arguments for nonviolence and caraWonga. (more…)

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carawonga cut-out modules

The secret of modules; or how to variate a caraWonga carpet

There are many types of caraWonga carpets, all different in mood, pattern, size and shape. And there are even more ideas and plans waiting to be created. More unique and special items. Each one is different, just like the previous ones, but at their core, they are basically the same; module, module and module. (more…)

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