The process of creating is either a personal or communal experience through wich we can focus on ourselves. During the process of assembling a caraWonga product we can slow down and exclude the outside, so we can hear our inner better.

“I really love this rug but my daughter more! ☺ She is playing on it all day long. To piece the components together was very exciting. I felt like my childhood when I built Lego blocks. I offer these rugs to everyone who wants to feel again child! 😊”  by ORSI


This timelaps and nice picture are from ARPI.



“This altered Star Destroyer rug by caraWonga is the centerpiece in my room. By adding three different colored modules to the design, I created a subtle shift in the look of the carpet, one of caraWonga’s biggest. It took a long time to put it together, but it was totally worth it. If you have lot’s of floor to fill, this is the best choice!”  by PETER

peti review star destroyer