Mosaic stickers

Express yourself through your own mandala, let your inner self to control!


The caraWonga mandalas are a Do It Yourself set that contains self adhersive, colorful textile mosaic pieces. Using the stickers you can create the mandala on the box or design a completely new one. You can stick it on a pasteboard thus decorating the wall, the planter, the edge of the mirror or creating a picture frame.

Create what you want, what comes to your mind, unleash your creativity! For further inspiration check our blog and videos!

Environmental awareness

We wanted a job that is eco-friendly and provides a sustainable lifestyle so the mosaic pieces are made out of 80% recycled industrial felt. We cut out the components using a manual punching machine and no chemicals, water or fossil energy are used during the manufacturing process.


Family experience

Assembling the colorful textile mosaics is a perfect family program for the afternoon. The experience of creation satisfies all age groups: you can find challenge, make a present, decorate your home together or simply enjoy the peaceful family atmosphere.

Even seven years old children can create their own unique patterns, enjoy the steps of creating the mandala, sticking or unsticking the pieces poses no problem for them. You will notice that the experience of creation fills them with confidence.

Pre-school children loves to play with the mosaic pieces too. Bravely  involve them to the process, they will help choosing the colors and unsticking the back of the stickers. J As they play, besides their creativity and focus on attention, the kids will improve their motor skills too.


Social experience

Sort through the colorful pieces, create a big picture together or smaller ones by yourselves. However you decide the time spent together will bring you closer to each other.

Don’t worry you don’t need exceptional manual skills or creativity to create your textile mosaic. However it helps you to improve your logical skills, focus, attention and creativity. You can use it in corporate environments as a team-building activity or to forge smaller communities. It also works as a pedagogical and museum pedagogical tool too!