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Purple BEE

320 $ 288 $

187×117 cm 73,5×46 inch

We take custom orders.
There is a possibility to change both color and size of our products. Don’t forget to contact us in this case!

Contents of the package
The modules – which you will use to build your carpet
Double-sided tape – to fix the edges of the carpet
Anti-slip net – for a safer and softer feeling
User’s Guide- everything you need to know about the carpet
3 Patterns – so you can assemble and change the pattern of your carpet
+ GIFT textile MOSAIC STICKER KIT – harmonizing with the colors of the carpet

– It’s very easy to fit the carpet pieces together, like a jigsaw puzzle (kids also enjoy it)
– It’s not messy, you don’t have to clean up after it, you don’t have to measure or cut it to size
– Fully customizable: you choose the colors, the pattern and you can suit the size to your needs (we’ll send visual designs too, if you want)
– Do it for yourself, it’s not just and object, it’s about you, your own and unique design carpet
– It can be disassambled and recreated, individual items can be replaced too. You can assemble two small carpets from one big or vice versa.
– It is made of durable and wear resistant material.
– Environmentally-friendly and hand-made product.

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