Op-Art II.

Op-Art II.

25 $

The caraWonga Op-Art are a Do It Yourself set that contains self adhersive, colorful textile mosaic pieces. It’s a versatile home decoration product, using the stickers you can create the pattern on the box or design a completely new one.

The mosaic pieces are made out of 80% recycled industrial felt. We cut out the components using a manual punching machine and no chemicals, water or fossil energy are used during the manufacturing process.

No need for exceptional manual skills.

We recommend it from 7 years of age.

Enjoy the community experience or the silence while you unleash your inner creativity!

Contents of the box:

200 Pieces of textile mosaic – components of the pattern which are self adhersive.
Pasteboard – you stick the finished pattern on that.
Adhersive gum – you can use this to fix the finished and stuck pattern on the wall.
User’s guide

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