Photography in the world of Men

A special place where he can tinker, where tools (looking the same for women) are hanging on the wall. Rock and metal music, engine components, the smell of oil. I think many men have a dream of such a place. The guys of Arteria Industrial in Pécs created such a milieu for themselves. The team that deals with the restoration and sale of industrial lamps, school and hospital items allowed us to take photos about our 3D-effected carpets at their place.

Hagyma, the head of the workshop, the tender-hearted motorcycle enthusiast was all in for our help. We had great conversations and laughs while the photos were made. We were grateful because there were amazing spaces and objects available. That’s what Hagyma said: „Don’t thank me all the time! It’s natural to help each other, we, creative guys! By the way, these carpets are awesome!”

The work in the workshop was fast, we just put a lamp here or there, and the flash could already be blown. There were no pink accessories or coffee mugs on the table, only engine frame and parts. It was a whole new world, a new perspective.

Of course because of the fun, conversation and pizza breaks – and because we went in the wrong direction twice during our journey – cut our time for photography short, so the planned video recording was canceled. We girls let it go, we were satisfied with the finished photos, but Hagyma offered us that he and the guys will assemble a carpet and document it for us too. It warmed our heart, because that means the guys really like the stuff that these two girls make. We snatched at the chance to get a real manly video. We would like to thank Arteria once again for this opportunity! It was an amazing morning!