Helsinki Design Week Debut

This year, a record number of 158 000 people visited Helsinki design Week, to see works of contemporary designers and artists. There were lots of objects which could not have been seen elsewhere previously. One example were our modular carpets.

Kati Gál has made her first modular carpets to make the playground dome of Experience Workshop a homey, more fun place. The unique connection system designed earlier by Kati was finally put to the test! The realization, and our appearance was so successful, that we could not ignore it.

Based on the feedback from Helsinki Design Week, Kati has decided that the possibilities in modular design aren’t just for exhibitions. She realized that environmental awareness, modern looks, variability and the relaxing process of creation are important to many people. This was what stimulated Kati to found caraWonga.  

Our modular carpets have proven themselves at an acknowledged design exhibition. We hope our customers will be satisfied in the same way!



Under the dome.

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