caraWonga – The gift of creative experience

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CaraWonga – The gift of creative experience

Instead of simply having a coffee, two old friends, Kati and Bhadra have decided to spend their time together in a much more productive way. Creativity, art, fantasy and a little playfullness are their recipe, and the belief: the experience of self-creation can be smuggled into the lives of ordinary people as well. We talked to the creators of caraWonga products about the beginning, the ideas and the mission.

Who are in the caraWonga team? Introduce yourself a bit!

Kati: … I graduated as a woven fabric designer at the Iparművészeti Egyetem … After the birth of our second child we decided to move from Pest to Kecskemét and by good fortune Bhadra and her partner were determined to settle there again after a foreign travel.

Bhadra: … Writing and literature are my passion. Even though they are other art branches than textile art, both need a lot of creativity and devotion … During the many hours we spent together with Kati we realized that we can cooperate well, so we started thinking about a project in which we can exploit it. Then there came the possibility that Kati was asked to make carpets for the Helsinki Design Week. 

helsinki set

How did this request happen?

Kati: There is an international team called Élményműhely which was started by a Hungarian man, Kristóf Fenyvesi. Kristóf teaches mathematics and arts together in Finland … he travels around the world with this method and … He asked us to make his lecture room more homelike – a place where the kids are happy to sit in. I designed the modular system of caraWonga carpets for a previous competition and the basic forms of the rhombuses could add a little geometric-artistic game to this environment …

What do you need to know about these carpets?

Bhadra: The base material of these modular carpets are 80% recycled industrial felt. They are made up of diamonds that do not need to be glued or sewn, its enough to use the tabs to fit each module.

Kata: This is a hand-made design carpet for decorative purposes, however it’s not complicated and does not require any special treatment. The English use the term „area rag” for this type of carpet, meaning that it’s not a wall-to-wall material, but rather appears as smaller island on the floor. … We don’t have fixed compositions, we make custom color combinations for the customers making the product completely customizable.  Since it is built from modules, its size can be changed at any time, it can be smaller or larger, wider or longer.

How difficult is it to assemble?

Bhadra: The product is not complete when the customer gets it. There are modules and a professional user guide in the package, and additional help is available on our website.  In fact, the tabs need to be joined together, after the first one or two modules it becomes a piece of cake, even 10-12 year olds can put them together. … It takes about one and a half hour to assemble, so it’s the time of a movie, which doesn’t only give you a carpet but also enriches you with creative experience.  …

Do you produce anything else besides the carpets?

Kata: We also want to enter the market with a new product. The base material is the same – the recycled fitted carpet – and we stayed at the diamond shapes, but this time we made two centimeters of stickers. This is how a mosaic of self-adhesive shapes was created, from which spatial and decorative patterns can be made.  …   

„The product is designed to make the customer create its own home decor. For us, it is very important to add art into the lives of ordinary people, since this can give soul to objects.”


What are the opportunities for such a product?

Kata:For the mosaic collections we would like to have space, resellers, workshops, and we would like to be recognized here, in Kecskemét, as creators. We would like to add to the cultural life of the city what we can give.

How do you see yourselves in a couple of years?

Kata: A lot of work is still waiting for us and sometimes I feel that we are far ahead in our head, and we are just running after it. There is plenty of inspiration,… Bhadra writes fantastic things, I call them adult tales and we want to make a publication in which the art of both of us finally meet. These will be heartfelt stories and stickers for each of them, so you can take the impulsive experiences felt during the reading directly into a work that is about you.  I also have a great dream to make children’s room decorations from these materials. Social responsibility also motivates us, so we would like to involve disadvantaged people in the production work. … Our dream is not a product-manufacturing company, but a creative studio that we feel comfortable and during our work we have the opportunity to replenish and enrich our experiences.

Zsanett Bajáki (AIP’ART)

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