Auction to help those in deep poverty

On the Jó! Charity Auction, Hungarian artists have offered their work for bid to support families living in deep poverty from the total income of the event. We were also there, and have created a modular carpet just for this occasion. The auction was a success, all the works were sold.

Poverty is a serious problem all around the world. We don’t see it on every corner, because it often hides in the shade. Poor people live in small, remote villages or in hidden segments of big cities. Wherever they may be, wether we see them or not, they exist.

The Jó! Charity Auction was meant to help these people. Artist have lined up to offer their work for this cause. A lot of people have arrived to the bidding, there were people who came from other cities just for this occasion. All the works on offer have found a new home. The bid for our carpet stopped at almost double of it’s original price, and now adorns the home of a biochemist family.

We can’t and don’t wanr to shut our eyes on the suffering of the world and these people. We try to lessen the trouble according to our possibilities: we recycle and wouldn’t let a chance like this auction slip away!


img_20161007_190826     Katalin and the new owner of the carpet.

20161007_132139_hdr     In the new home.


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