Modular carpets

We don’t design simple carpets. What we give: First of all: experience. Our carpets are made up of modules that you need to assemble. Then there is the carpet of course. We can decorate our home with it, rest our feet on it. And renewal. We can take it apart and assemble a new carpet of the modules.

Plan it! Transform it! Expand it!
We have dreamed our modular carpets for the people of the modern age. The same, interlocking elements allow you to add a unique pattern, shape and color to your carpet, formint it completely to your own taste. You can find the modules in the box one by one, so the experience of creation is yours! You can
order your self-designed and handmade carpets today with free shipping in Hungary!

If you desire a little variety, you can change the pattern and shape to create a new atmosphere in your home. If you’re dressing up your floor for a season or a special event, you can play with new colors.

How is the carpet built?
The modules are easy to fit, after the first two or three pieces, both adults and children can assemble it easily and fast. One and a half hours are as much as watching a movie! It’s a great way to spend more time together and to get out of our comfort zone for a while. It’s exciting to experiment!

So far, everyone who ordered a carpet from us was satisfied with the product.
We are proud that no packages have come back to us!

Contents of the package:
Modules – building elements of a carpet
Extra modules – all colors
Two-sided adhesive – to clarify the edges of the finished carpet
Anti-slip mesh – under the carpet for better adhesion
User’s Guide – helps to create and vary the carpet
Patterns – helps to find the place of each modules and gives ideas for assembling

+ Gift textile mosaic sticker set in the colors of your carpet

Unique carpets
How to order my unique carpet and how much does it cost?
Choose your favourite pattern —›

Add you chosen colors —›

Measure the size —›
Send it to us at
Within 1-2 days we will send you a visual plan and a price offer for free!
If you like and want the carpet, you will be able to order it as a unique product.

Environmental awareness
Our carpets are made of 80% recycled raw materials. We do not use chemicals, water or fossil energy during production. The modules are made with manual tools.