How to make a unique dreamcatcher for Mother’s day?

It’s almost Mother’s day and I wanted to surprise my mum and grandma with something special. My grandma has told me that she wants something colorful I make, not to the wall but in the window, so that everyone can see it from the street!

That’s how the idea of the dreamcatcher was born!

I will make a mandala with both sides colored and

it will also get hanging diamond shapes similar to dreamcatchers. :)

It’s not hard at all, feel free to jump in! Make fabulous dreamcatchers to make your mothers smile! With your children, grandmothers, loved ones, mother-in-laws…

If you order now, the delivery of the sticker kit is free and you will be able to make the mother’s surprises in time! There are 200 stickers in a box that is enough to make a giant or 2-3 smaller dreamcatchers!

As well be hanged for a sheep as for a lamb!

Everyone who is a mother and order mosaic stickers from us until 6th May will get exclusive (limited edition) SILVER MOSAICS! Write a comment on shopping: MUMMY MANDALA 

You will need a box of mosaic stickers, pencils, scissors and rulers. You will need a yarn, but you can also use fishing lines, raffias or string. 
Measure the center of your paper on both sides! I used a 30×30 cm cardboard. ( in the boxes you can find 4 22×22 cm cardboards, you can use it one by one or stick them together.)

Design your patterns! You have to be careful to have enough color on the back and front too. If that sounds difficult, cut your stickers half, as you will decorate two sides!

I’ve looked at several variations and finally chose this:

If you have your pattern, stick it outwards circularly starting from the centre of the paper! When done, cut it around and turn it! If you did not measure the center on both sides at the beginning, you can still do so now.

Here you can see where the yarns will be put under the stickers. You should fix all yarn ends with 2-3 stickers. I used fishing lines for hangers above and yarn for the hangers.

Choose yarn and start the pattern sticking from the center again. In this phase, stick the yarns between the cardboard and the mosaic.  

If there are gaps between the mosaics, they can be filled with a thin strip.

If the stickers do not exactly match on the edges, simply cut them around with a sharp scissors!


I planned and for the implementation I used 3 5×5 cm strips of paper for the larger surfaces. We also stick both sides here!

When we are done, we can clarify our dreamcatchers with a lint roller.

My grandma got hers and it became the bright spot of her room! I hope many grandmas will get caraWonga gifts this year! Remember, if you order now, you will get amazing silver stickers as a gift! Good luck and we wish you happy moments!

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