The secret of modules; or how to variate a caraWonga carpet

There are many types of caraWonga carpets, all different in mood, pattern, size and shape. And there are even more ideas and plans waiting to be created. More unique and special items. Each one is different, just like the previous ones, but at their core, they are basically the same; module, module and module.

Our carpets are built up of the same modules, we use one type of module only with the same size and shape. Still, when you sit down in front of a heap of caraWonga modules, it feels like sitting down to a pile of lego. Put this here, that one there and our carpet is symmetric or asymmetric, long or rectangular, straight or sharp, big or small. It is what we would like it to be.

The secret of the modules is none other than human creativity. Think it up, put it together, build it! That’s all what it takes. Have fun!

If we change only the color of the modules in a carpet, we can recreate the same pattern in a totally different mood.


There are patterns where the size can be changed easily without changing the mood.


If we assemble the modules in a different way, we get a new pattern, or even a new shape.

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