What does it mean ’modular carpet’. We often hear this question. The word means it is made up of pieces. You can assemble the pieces to a whole with your own hands. How to fit modules together can be found here.

One of the advantages of caraWonga carpets is that it is customizable.  You can decide the pattern, the size and the color. However, the fact that the modules have the same size and shape makes it possible to connect them in other combinations, not just as it is shown in the original pattern.
We have carpets with two or more patterns provided but that does not mean that the rest would only be suitable for assembling a single pattern. It just means we need to use our imagination and can make a unique, own creation. Because our capacity is much smaller than the range of options, we add more than one pattern to only some of our carpets. For example the SNOWFLAKE SET, the YO and the WATER LILY SET.

Our BEE carpets got new patterns for Christmas this year. And who knows how much they still hide in themselves? Moreover, for the holidays now you get a free box of mosaic stickers for our BEE carpets. We think this is an unmissable offer. :)

If you need a little variety in your home, you do not have to invest in wall paint, new furniture or accessories. Just rethink the pattern and shape of your carpet! You can make two small ones from a big or a long thin strip in the corridor. Anything that the diamonds make possible!
Recreation is easy, just take the carpet apart to modules and fit them according to the new pattern. After clarifying the edges with a two-sided adhesive, you can enjoy the refreshing atmosphere of your home. We have nothing else to say, let’s recreate!