How to make a tea box with our mosaic stickers?

Our mosaic stickers arrive at your home in a cardboard box.
We like it if our packaging is not thrown in the trash!

So we thought we’d give you an idea, how to transform the box to use it again!

1. First step: Mark the center of each side of the box so that we can adjust the pattern for the space.

2. Second step: We design the pattern, but we don’t stick it yet. We are just playing.

3. If you need triangles, just simply cut the stickers half!


4. If we like it, take a picture to remember the pattern and starting from the middle of the pattern, stick the stickers circling outwardly on the box.


5. At the edges, the stickers can be cut with a sharp scrissors to the right size after gluing. (If you cut it before gluing, it’s likely that the edge of your box will not be steady)


6. You can decorate the sides of the box with this method.


When we are finished, fill it with our favourite tea and we have our own tea box, our handmade artwork of our kitchen.:)

You can transform not only our mosaic box but any other packaging to create a
unique and special item to our home!

Unleash your imagination for a while…
and if you are done don’t forget to send pictures to caraWonga!:)