Faces of Home – Modern Style

It is definitely one of the most popular interior design styles, its name indicates its character was tailored to the needs of contemporary people. Modern style is the first in our articles series Faces of Home.

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Modern Style likes practicality and airy spaces. This of course does not mean we cannot talk about it under 100 square meters; in fact, it is a popular trend among small homes because its characteristics can be implemented in small spaces. A home with a modern mood is never crowded, it has flowers, we can find ornaments and pictures but everything to a certain extent only.

Besides grey and white, dominant color can be beige and homey browns, which are invigorated with a more vivid accessory (e.g.: a couch or a vase). Lighting is also preferred to be natural and warm light, though in some rooms cold light sources are used.

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Curtains, wallpapers and carpets are mostly used as decoration. These are mostly colorful, and/or geometric patterned pieces, which are the more unique looking, the better, Geometry characterizes the entire home, but besides angular interior design solutions and furniture, curved forms may also appear. 

Furniture is characterized by comfort. Its use of material is widespread: wood, metal, stone, glass, leather, aluminum and plastic, which are usually mixed. There are no rigid rules to the placement of decorational elements, the can be paired or unpaired, uneven.
A home with a modern mood is always organized and prim, but at the same time radiating warmth and life.

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In our next post, you can read about the clean lines of minimalist style.

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