Mosaic stickers FAQ

There is no compromise! The caraWonga is handmade, recycled, fine, practical and variable.

Contents of the box:

Pieces of textile mosaic – components of the mandala which are self adhersive.

Pasteboard – you stick the finished mandalas on that. If you want to create a bigger picture joint the pasteboards and use tape to stick them together on the back.

Adhersive gum – you can use this to fix the finished and stuck mandala on the wall.


What’s the recommended age?

Even school-aged children can easily assemble the mandala-pieces together and they can create beautiful, harmonic patterns on their own.


Do I need manual skills?

No need for exceptional manual skills.

How many mandalas can I create from them?

You can stick it on a pasteboard thus decorating the wall, the planter, the edge of the mirror or creating a picture frame. Create what you want, what comes to your mind, unleash your creativity! For further inspiration check our blog and videos!


Shipping details

After your order we prepare the carpet within 5 working days.

The delivery time is 3-4 working days.