Modular carpets FAQ

There is no compromise! The caraWonga is handmade, recycled, fine, practical and variable.


After your order we prepare the carpet within 1-2 working days.

The delivery time is 4-5 working days.



If you are not satisfied, we refund your money in 7 working days!

If you find damaged or missing modules in your package, we will take on their exchange or replacement. In this case, shipping is on us.

If for some reason you are not satisfied with the product, within 7 days after receiving it, the total of your purchase will be refunded if you send it back to us. In this case, shipping is on you.

In case you have complaints, please write. Please, note that you should not send back a product without writing to us first, otherwise we will not be able to refund the price to you!

Contents of the package

The modules – which you will use to build your carpet
Double-sided tape – to fix the edges of the carpet
Anti-slip net – for a safer and softer feeling
User’s Guide- everything you need to know about the carpet
Pattern – so you can assemble your carpet correctly

Color and size

There is a possibility to change both color and size of our products. Don’t forget to contact us in this case!

Unique ideas

You have the possibility to buy only modules. If you would like to expand, variate or replace – or you would like to make your own carpet. The minimum number of modules to order is 20. Don’t forget to contact us before.

Recycled and eco-friendly

Our modern, geometric modular carpets are made from 80% recycled material. During the manufacturing process, we do not use chemicals, water, or fossil energy. The modules are made with a manual tool.


We cut the self-designed modules with a manual tool. Before, we clean and cut the fabric with our hands. We don’t use chemicals or fossil energy. As each product is made individually, not on a factory assembly line, we can fulfill personal ideas and needs in terms of the color and size of the carpet.


The carpets have to be cleaned with a vaccuum cleaner. If somehing is spilled on it, it should be scrubbed gently with a wet cloth and a little detergent.

Assembling the carpet

The modules of the carpet have to be put together by you, following the pattern in the package. You can find information on how to connect the modules in the User’s Guide. If you need further help, you can check out a small video by clicking on this link:

Fixing the edges, weighting

The edges of the carpe have to be fixed with the double sided tape included in the package. It is vital that weights (big books, etc) are placed on the edges for one night. The surface of the modules is fluffy, withouth placing weights on the edges, the tape can easily come off.


The modules are the building blocks of the carpets. Uniform pieces, which connect via little nodules or ears, without glueing or sewing. It makes the carpet easy to handle: whether you put it together, take it apart or variate them. The modules where designed by Katalin Gal, textile designer and founder of caraWonga.