The rebirth of a carpet

Recycling is the reincarnation of objects. This is the process which makes life on and for the Earth full of trasheaps a bit better. This is important for us, this is why we create our carpets in an environmentally friendly way. From waste to design carpet – in pictures:

Our carpets are made from 80% recycled material. During exhibitions and expos people cover huge areas, hundreds of square meters with carpets. The fallen material cut from stages and different parts – although intact – are considered hazardous waste. We buy these carpet pieces and use them as materials.

recycled carpets

We cut the carpet to size, then we create our own designed modules with a manual cutting press and a cutting press knife. We don’t use chemicals, water and fossil energy during the manufacturing process.

The carpet modules fit into a box so the transportation is simple and space-saving. Then the box can be used as a storage box too.

carpet box     mandala box

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