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Photography in the world of Men

A special place where he can tinker, where tools (looking the same for women) are hanging on the wall. Rock and metal music, engine components, the smell of oil. I think many men have a dream of such a place. The guys of Arteria Industrial in Pécs created such a milieu for themselves. The team […]

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carawonga team

caraWonga – The gift of creative experience

We have an article published about us on the AIP’ART magazine.

CaraWonga – The gift of creative experience

Instead of simply having a coffee, two old friends, Kati and Bhadra have decided to spend their time together in a much more productive way. Creativity, art, fantasy and a little playfullness are their recipe, and the belief: the experience of self-creation can be smuggled into the lives of ordinary people as well. We talked to the creators of caraWonga products about the beginning, the ideas and the mission.


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carawonga selftimers yoga

The Selftimers and the caraWonga

We have an article published about us on the selftimers blog! The post is awesome and it has lots of photos.


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auction carpet

Auction to help those in deep poverty

On the Jó! Charity Auction, Hungarian artists have offered their work for bid to support families living in deep poverty from the total income of the event. We were also there, and have created a modular carpet just for this occasion. The auction was a success, all the works were sold. (more…)

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