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How to make a unique dreamcatcher for Mother’s day?

It’s almost Mother’s day and I wanted to surprise my mum and grandma with something special. My grandma has told me that she wants something colorful I make, not to the wall but in the window, so that everyone can see it from the street! ☺ That’s how the idea of the dreamcatcher was born! […]

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Try to fly slow life

Is it really worth slowing down? – Thoughts about slow life

For a lot of people the answer is clear, though it is probably not uniform, yes or no depends on the person answering. Yoga enthusiasts are nodding, those obsessed with work are shaking their head. One thing is certain though, we live fast. People of this age are characterised by global overwork, wasted wealth, loneliness enveloped in the likes of hundreds or thousands of friends and irresponsible behavior toward our environment. Posing as an alternative and as protest is the slow life movement. Since 1986, when journalist Carlo Petrini has founded the conceptual and spiritual basis of the movement by protesting – the movement has been gaining more popularity. People, small enterprises, companies and even whole cities have embraced this proactive and forward-thinking approach.   (more…)

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color palette

Our colors and their effects

There are colors we like, and there are some which we like less. Different colors are characteristic of our childhood and adult life, as different periods of life mean different emotional processes. Sometimes we may feel uncomfortable in one of our clothes, yet, in a few days, we gladly wear it. It is not a mere coincidence that colors influence our mood, strengthen or weaken some of our characteristics, affect the workings of our body. (more…)

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5 arguments for ahimsa, or nonviolence yoga picture

5 arguments for ahimsa, or nonviolence

Ahimsa does not only mean that someone is a vegetarian, it’s a much broader concept. It means that one behaves toward every living being with respect and attention, may it be a nagging neighbor, a scary spider in the corner or Mother Nature herself. Ahimsa makes the heart calm and full of love, so life becomes happier. And the best feeling is, when we can pass this world view to others, even in a box labeled caraWonga, as our modular carpets have been created with concepts of ahimsa in mind. So let’s look at five arguments for nonviolence and caraWonga. (more…)

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