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What does it mean ’modular carpet’. We often hear this question. The word means it is made up of pieces. You can assemble the pieces to a whole with your own hands. How to fit modules together can be found here. One of the advantages of caraWonga carpets is that it is customizable.  You can […]

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bee cat

Faces of Home – Modern Style

It is definitely one of the most popular interior design styles, its name indicates its character was tailored to the needs of contemporary people. Modern style is the first in our articles series Faces of Home. (more…)

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color palette

Our colors and their effects

There are colors we like, and there are some which we like less. Different colors are characteristic of our childhood and adult life, as different periods of life mean different emotional processes. Sometimes we may feel uncomfortable in one of our clothes, yet, in a few days, we gladly wear it. It is not a mere coincidence that colors influence our mood, strengthen or weaken some of our characteristics, affect the workings of our body. (more…)

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carawonga cut-out modules

The secret of modules; or how to variate a caraWonga carpet

There are many types of caraWonga carpets, all different in mood, pattern, size and shape. And there are even more ideas and plans waiting to be created. More unique and special items. Each one is different, just like the previous ones, but at their core, they are basically the same; module, module and module. (more…)

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