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Kitti is a textile designer and the vendor of fantastic honeys produced in her parents beekeeping. My childhood friend and soul mate. She loves colors and patterns, so I guessed she’ll like to make mosaics. I gifted her a large packet of stickers and she sent these wonderful pictures back: The result is a colorful, […]

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Photography in the world of Men

A special place where he can tinker, where tools (looking the same for women) are hanging on the wall. Rock and metal music, engine components, the smell of oil. I think many men have a dream of such a place. The guys of Arteria Industrial in Pécs created such a milieu for themselves. The team […]

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carawonga team

caraWonga – The gift of creative experience

We have an article published about us on the AIP’ART magazine.

CaraWonga – The gift of creative experience

Instead of simply having a coffee, two old friends, Kati and Bhadra have decided to spend their time together in a much more productive way. Creativity, art, fantasy and a little playfullness are their recipe, and the belief: the experience of self-creation can be smuggled into the lives of ordinary people as well. We talked to the creators of caraWonga products about the beginning, the ideas and the mission.


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Students, art, mathematics

During the last teaching day before the long-awaited summer holiday, more than 50 students and the teachers participated in a graceful morning. The colorful and varied programs – hosted by the House of Science and Tecniques in Kecskemét – brought people’s logic and imagination into the workshops and to the tables. Among logical games from different parts of the world we also brought our caraWonga mosaic stickers to the event.


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